Getting Started

Working From Home

Over the years, the history of mankind is on a continuous mission to improve it’s lifestyle. Definitely, numerous brand-new […]

Work at Home Employment

Bad news always makes the news – unfortunately, far more often than any good news. Reading up on the […]

Online Business

Do You Need a Coach?

That depends – how far do you want to go? Let’s talk about improving your skills. Imagine you want to […]

Real Money Streams

Affiliate Marketing

Niche Marketing

How to Nichify PLR Content

Even if you use PLR content just once, it’s a great time saver and a great investment. Now you’re […]

Traffic Generation

How to Build a List Using PLR Content

You’ve probably already thought of the idea of using PLR content to create free reports that you use to “bribe” prospects to join your list. That is, people need to join your newsletter list in order to claim their free report. But the usefulness of PLR content doesn’t stop there. Indeed, you can use PLR to create an autoresponder series – or even your live-broadcast newsletters! Here’s how… Step 1: Find Suitable PLR First, you need to find PLR content in your niche. If you don’t already […]

The Ultimate Email Marketing Checklist

When a lot of people think about sending an email to their list, they think it’s a matter of writing it, proofing it, and then hitting the broadcast/send button. Then they go off to enjoy the rest of their day. But here’s the problem… If you just write off the cuff and send it almost immediately after, you’re just asking for problems. Your email may not even get opened if your subject line doesn’t nab attention. Maybe you’ll get a poor response if the email isn’t targeted. […]

Dear Rich Bastard…

There is an urban legend that says customers on a mailing list received letters greeting them with, “Dear Rich Bastard.” Funny thing is… it’s actually true. Naturally, it was unintentional, but it did happen. The company in question was trying to figure out exactly what salutation to use to address several thousand of its richest customers. In the mean time, a programmer had to insert something in the field to act as a place holder until they decided what to actually use as the generic salutation. Most […]