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Over the years, the history of mankind is on a continuous mission to improve it’s lifestyle. Definitely, numerous brand-new […]

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Bad news always makes the news – unfortunately, far more often than any good news. Reading up on the […]

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Website traffic generation is the second major step in the whole online marketing process. You’ve come up with a website or actually had one done for you and now all you need to do is to get traffic to that website. There are many ways to do this and the proper way for you will depend on the product or service you are offering, the amount of time you have, the kinds of traffic generation that attract you, and your budget. This guarantees that you will get […]

Free Traffic Generator Techniques

If you create more traffic to your site, you will get more consumers and likely you will have more sales. Therefore, you have to work routinely to create extremely targeted visitors that would bring high sales of your items. There are various strategies to advertise your product or your website and drive lots of certified traffic. Here are top Free or low-cost traffic-generation strategies: 1-Search Engines and Online Directories The complimentary search engines such as Google and Yahoo! are among the main sources of free targeted traffic. […]

Let Your Objective Guide You …

Recently I was talking with an extremely bright conventional marketer on the value of incorporating Internet marketing into a website’s marketing mix. Personally, I have seen significant website sales or lead boosts when conventional marketing methods like direct-mail advertising, radio, publicity or television are carried out in conjunction with tested internet marketing techniques. Although my marketing buddy did not disagree with the concept, he re-focused the discussion on the importance of establishing a marketing message and goal even BEFORE considering ANY marketing techniques. What an exceptional point! […]