10 Viral Marketing Ideas to Try

two women sitting in front of computer monitor discussing viral marketing ideas

Viral advertising and viral marketing are popular ways of permitting individuals to easily pass along or distribute your free product, service and or information to others. The primary viral principle is that you include your targeted advertisement with the free item so that hopefully a percentage of the receivers will read your advertisement and order paid product or services from you in the future.

To help you begin some viral projects, here are 10 viral marketing techniques:

1. Offer other people the right to reprint your short articles. They can utilize them on sites, in e-courses, guides, ezines, print newsletters, publications, reports, e-books and more, so in your resource box or byline at the end of the short article, include permission for others to reprint the piece, keeping the resource box intact.

2. Establish an online forum or conversation board with your banner advertisement at the top and share it with others who do not have anything similar for their websites. Invite online forum subscribers to link up in a similar way.

3. Create and package a special report, an e-book, discovering series or other product from time to time, and insert your ads in all of them. Invite your customers, others and potential customers to include these specials as freebies or free bonus offers for their own customers, potential customers, members and others.

4. Set up a totally free website on your server and include your business banner with a link somewhere on the page for promos. Then give away the complimentary area, requiring people to keep your banner ad in location in exchange for the hosting service at no charge.

5. Set up a free link directory. Welcome others to add their links to your directory in exchange for a return a link back to your directory site.

6. Offer some kind of free online service like free 5-minute consulting sessions or emails, search engine, domain or RSS submissions, etc. Welcome others to share these services with their customers, site visitors and others.

7. Outsource the development or develop brand-new software. Brand it. Then invite people to give it away free to others.

8. Create or contract out the development of some amazing web site design templates and or graphics. Brand name them. Then welcome people to utilize them and give them away free to others.

Brand name the content with your ads. Invite others to place their own totally free ads in exchange for promoting the item(s) to their lists, in their ezines, on their websites, etc.

10. And brand the material with your advertisements.

So, begin your own viral projects. See what works best for your services and items, and after that repeat accordingly with new projects all year long to keep a healthy flow of leads coming your way.

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