A Smart Online Marketing Technique: Targeting Specific Niche Markets

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For the last couple of years, I have been facing the idea of making money online. Although I searched and discovered a lot of details, most of it was unclear and did not offer me any concrete answer to the most crucial question: what to DO to make some cash on the internet.

During my mission of getting answers, I stumbled upon a very useful video on the web which gave me a great deal of information about internet marketing and offered me some pretty good stuff to chew on. The video spoke about “Niche Markets”; what they are and why they are very important to anybody who wants to make money on the internet by selling a product and services. The concept of Niche Markets is relevant to any service or service company, whether they operate on the internet or otherwise.

If you look it up in the dictionary, the word “Niche” suggests “A situation or activity specifically matched to an individual’s interests, capabilities, or nature”.

A “Niche Market” is a group of people with a typical interest or capability or nature, who would all be interested in a certain services or products. The typical interest of these individuals can be anything ranging from a common pastime, a typical issue, a common cultural background, to any common desire they might have. Let me describe this to you with a couple of examples:

1) A niche market of individuals who have a hobby of scrapbooking

2) A specific niche market of people who have typical issue of lower backache

3) A specific niche market of individuals who are all Hispanics

4) A niche market of individuals who have a typical desire of learning pipes

Individuals with similar interests tend to cluster and you can easily find pockets of such people online in groups and online forums or checking out websites of their interest. It is best to direct your marketing to choose specific niche audiences for optimum benefit to you and to them. It is always a waste of time, effort and resources to market your product or service to a niche audience which is not interested in what you are selling.

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