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You understand everything about seo as a blog traffic generation strategy, however there are other things that you can do to bring readers and prospective customers your way.

One of the best blog site traffic generation techniques is the PPP, or pay-per-performance technique, which means that you pay for the traffic created just when that traffic results in some provable advantage.

With the familiar PPC (or pay-per-click) form of traffic generation, you are just charged if somebody actually clicks it.
Google AdWords is currently the greatest provider of pay-per-click advertisements, with a system that lets marketers bid for keywords and then utilize them in little advertisements distributed on Google’s search and material networks.

Social marketing, while it does not certify as a sort of pay-per-performance traffic generation strategy, is nevertheless an effective way of generating blog site traffic. When you are participating in social marketing at any time, you can promote your service or product directly to other people through social media network sites like MySpace, email or telemarketing.

Finally, there are literally lots of viral traffic generation methods. They consist of such things as supplying the very best possible service or product to your clients, doing whatever you can to meet their needs, and letting word of mouth bring more traffic to you.

You can also create viral traffic generation by offering totally free software application or ebooks. This technique for blog site traffic generation depends on successfully creating a “buzz’ towards your product(s).

And if you need a referral, nobody will get your giveaway unless they discover someone else who has it. It’s a fantastic way to tremendously increase the need for whatever you are using! Naturally, search engine optimization is a necessity, but you also need to use blog site traffic generation techniques to increase traffic.

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