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Don’t Feel Pressured to Try Pay Per Click Marketing Without Guidance

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is a very lucrative business for search engines. It can both make or break a marketer – especially one who’s new to online marketing and doesn’t know the cons of PPC well enough to know what to avoid. The term pay per click is one that you need to fully understand before you get involved with this advertising method. Marketers who use this tactic agree to pay PPC search engines for clicks that arise due to keywords that people will use to […]

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Every Good Campaign Needs a Backlinking Strategy

Backlinks are just how they sound – links that lead back to your site. They’re like fingers all over the Internet and each finger is pointing the way for people to find your domain. If you have a website and you write an article with a link back to your site and you submit it to an article directory, that link is considered a backlink. You might see backlinks referred to as inbound links as well. What’s the purpose of backlinking? What backlinks have the ability to […]

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