Details Item Dashboard (By Marlon Sanders). An Evaluation

picture of laptop with money under it from product creation

I got my copy of Marlon Sanders’ Info Product Dashboard a couple of days ago, and this was my response after looking at it closely:

Wow! All the fancy methods that I’ve seen other individuals utilize and that made me think, “I sure would like to be able to do that!” They’re all there! Just to provide you with an example: instructions on how to put little musical intros at the beginning of my audio items. It’s all part of the dashboard’s easy-to-follow step-by-step format.

The info item dashboard divides the product creation procedure into 6 weeks with 6 (daily) actions each. The majority of the resources needed to complete them are either free or are bonuses with the control panel purchase.

Every week also has a short audio overview by Marlon himself, where he explains the 6 steps in the process. I listened to all 6 of the weekly previews immediately so I have a concept of what I’ll be able to do when I’ve finished the procedure.

Marlon’s tech support is useful and friendly in case I (or anybody else) might ever get baffled! Not only that, there is even a discussion online forum where all the new control panel owners can ask questions that are then answered.

The only downside, if it can even be called that– the very first go-around is going to take me a longer than 30 minutes per action. I’m still dealing with action one (and 2), and some steps will certainly take WAY longer than 30 minutes.

Does Marlon truly think we can identify an ideal market and come up with a targeted item for it in 30 minutes? Actually, he does confess that a few steps will take longer …I guess I’ll just have to divide the time investment by all the products that I’ll eventually develop. Some of the other actions are going to be quicker, and sometimes even skippable (such as when they’re not relevant, i.e., no video needed for an audio product OR if I’ve already taken care of something, i.e., pick host and/or domain name etc.), so it will even out, especially over time.

In case it isn’t obvious by now, I’m extremely pleased with my new dashboard! And, by the way, if you think it’s simply for newbies, you might want to reassess. Yes, the control panel is simple to follow, and yes, the actions are well explained, so yes, it is an outstanding tool for newbies.

However, it also provides some extremely advanced methods, and unless you’re an extremely knowledgeable marketer, you’re most likely to discover at least something beneficial here, definitely enough to make the financial investment worth your while.

How would I understand that? I already own numerous product-creation programs, but some of Marlon’s deals and tools I haven’t found in any of the others.

Possibly some marketers are keeping the actually excellent things to themselves. No matter. When he created it, Marlon’s Info Product Dashboard is by far the most thorough system I’ve discovered yet. Even better, his Info Product Dashboard is priced exceptionally competitively when compared to many of and perhaps even all of the other even remotely as extensive alternatives out there.

I will provide routine progress reports as I work with my brand-new dashboard, so if you’re curious and need to know how I’ll do once I’ll hit the more technically challenging areas, simply inspect my favorite self-help blog site for updates … and stay tuned for my soon-to-appear freshly created details products.

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