Double Your Affiliate Income

Like you, I promote quite a few affiliate products. But surprisingly, I often make my greatest income on the smaller, less promoted products that other overlook. Here’s why:

Let’s say you’re promoting two affiliate products this week. One of them is from a HUGE launch with some really big affiliates.

The other product is from a newcomer, and has fewer affiliates promoting the product.

Both are great products and both are worth promoting.

You sell the same number of each product and bank the same amount of money.

But… and here’s the good part… because the smaller launch had far less affiliate competition, you easily rank in the top 5 affiliates. In fact, maybe you even score the number one position.

So, while you didn’t make any prize money in the big launch, you won several hundred dollars prize money in the smaller, lesser known launch.

When you’re looking for products to promote as an affiliate, of course you want to focus on things like earnings per click, the reputation of the product creator, the funnel, how well it fits your list and so forth.

But it’s also important to look at who else is promoting, any prizes that are offered and whether or not you have a good chance of winning those prizes.

As an affiliate, you can literally earn thousands of dollars per year in prize money alone. That’s why checking out the affiliate contest should be one of your steps in choosing which products to promote and how hard to promote them.

There can even be cases where you promote a launch that basically bombs – with you earning only a couple hundred in commissions.

But when you add in the (for example) $500 in prize money for being the top affiliate, you’ve now more than doubled your earnings.

One thing to watch out for is minimums: Sometimes product creators will state a minimum number of sales required to earn a prize. For example, you might sell 65 copies of a product, more than any other affiliate.

But if the minimum to earn first place is 75 sales, you won’t be awarded the first-place prize. You may, however, qualify for the second-place prize.

Bottom Line: When deciding which products to promote, paying attention to the prizes being awarded and the possible competition (or lack thereof) can increase and even double your income.

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