Item Production And The Midnight Walk

open laptop with the screen showing product creation

Envision being asked to climb up a mountain. Your trainer tells you there is a reward for reaching the summit. You collect all the products you will need for travel and you prepare to take the primary step in your journey. You grab your walking stick and start to take an action. I forgot to mention the most crucial part of this journey. You will walk in the dark and the only light you can use is a flashlight.

What? This has to be the strangest journey you have ever considered, but there is that reward waiting at the top. What do you do while you wait for darkness to come? If you’re smart, you burn into your mind what that mountain appears like and you try to choose where you need to go on your way to getting your benefit.

When darkness comes. you still have a picture of the mountain even though the only thing you can see is the next action in front of you. Each action guides you closer to your reward, but the only clear image you can count on is the one that is burned into your mind from the valley below.

This is a fairly precise photo of what it is like to engage in item development. The reward waiting is the real product readily available for sale, however the only clear photo you have of the completion outcome is a dream you believed in prior to the journey from belief to the real item.

You can investigate all you want to assist you see where to take the next step, however that action may cause another area where more research is required prior to taking another step forward. This process is very much like trying to climb a mountain in the dark. You know where you want to go but you simply can’t see plainly how to arrive.

Item production is not for the faint of heart and it’s not for the weak of will since no matter how much research and work you put into the product the end result supplies no guarantees that the product will be a best seller.

The benefit might just be in showing to yourself that you were strong enough to follow through with something enormously challenging and at the conclusion you tangibly held what had actually once been a dream. For many this process opens doors that are more important long-term than our ability to participate in product creation because this act says a lot about our capability, tenacity and follow through. After all, anybody can have a dream, but very few do something about it.

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