Specific Niche Marketing – 3 Successful Company Models

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You’ve picked a Niche Market. You’ve researched it, created your item and discovered there’s a potential gold mine in it. Now you have to choose how you’re going to set your business up. To assist you, here are 3 successful models to think about.

Niche Business Model One – The Mini-Site

This is probably the most typical model online based upon a single specific niche product. Here’s the process:
== > Buy a domain name based on your primary keyword/phrase.
== > Create and set up a sales page and thank you/download page (mini-site) targeting the specific niche.
== > Drive targeted traffic to the site.
== > Once established and producing income, find a different niche and repeat the procedure again and again.

This model is simple and reasonably fast to set up and needs practically no upkeep once it’s up and running. It likewise provides safety in numbers, since if one of your websites fails, you still have earnings from all the others. On the downside this can be quite an expensive model as each specific niche you target will need a domain name and hosting for each site unless you have a hosting bundle which enables you numerous domains on the very same account.

Niche Business Model Two – The Network

This design is similar to the one we covered above, however in this case you have a series of mini-sites all focusing on a main niche theme. Each mini-site targets a different sub-niche within the main theme and each site is linked to the others to produce a network.
== > Choose a main style – for example Yoga.
== > Select a series of sub specific niches and develop a mini-site for each. This might be:
– mini-site A – Yoga for beginners
– mini-site B – Hatha Yoga
– mini-site C – Yoga mats
== > Link all of the mini-sites to each other i.e. mini-site A to B and C, mini-site B to A and C etc.
== > Drive targeted traffic to the websites.
== > Keep adding more sub-niche mini-sites and linking.

As with the Mini-Site model, this is fairly quick and simple to set up, though it does require a bit more work to establish the cross-linking of all the websites. There is an added benefit here that the reciprocal linking must help enhance search engine ranking for each website.
This model is likewise relatively upkeep free when set up, apart from examining that all the links are working effectively from time to time. Just like model one, it also provides security in numbers and separate earning streams. Like design one, this can also be rather costly as each sub-niche you target will need a separate domain name and hosting.

Niche Business Model Three – The Content Site

This model is similar to the second model except that the earning streams come from connecting the various sub-niche areas within the same domain. Here’s how this one works:
== > Choose a primary style – we’ll stick with Yoga once again.
== > Select a series of sub specific niches:
– Yoga for novices
– Hatha Yoga
– Yoga mats
== > Build material in the type of sales pages, item reviews, articles, suggestions, RSS feeds and so on around each sub-niche.
== > Create links between each sub-niche utilizing a relevant keyword/phrase as the link name. You could also use a site map to connect all the pages in the site together.
== > Drive targeted traffic to the sub-niche pages.
== > Keep including more sub-niches and connecting.

Material websites are a lot more time consuming to establish than the two mini-site designs and require constant maintenance, but the online search engines like them, so it’s well worth the time spent developing them if that’s the method you wish to use. Content websites also have the advantage that they need just one domain name and hosting package so they are reasonably economical to run.

There are lots of other service models you can use for your niche marketing. These three are some of the most popular which are working for a great deal of people online. Attempt them and see what works best for you.

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